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Filters on this site

All cooking and galleries are split in few groups for convenience. 



Pretty much all the recipes of what I cook. I will usually make sure to specify protein used in case if it's any importance to use. This filter will also be useful for bodybuilding food since it's all lean protein based.



Self explanatory :) There may be an occasional egg or yogurt used for cooking here, but otherwise it's all veggies. I'm not cooking with butter, honey etc. Vegan stuff will be here, too. 



If you need weight loss recipes, but you're not willing to look at meat or  animal produce of any sort use this filter! I'll be making sure to post all veggie recipes and vegan variations on some dishes exclusively here.


Welcome to Watch Me Melt blog

So what is this and what's it all about?


Urban garden

I live in downtown of a big city, so all my garden fits on my balcony and kitchen. Yet I get to have all my herbs and even some of the mushrooms grown there. Dig in here if you want to try growing your own ;)


Lean mean protein

Something that obviously had to happen is that i picked up gym activities. I'm a doing kickboxing so there's a big need to protein and muscle repair. I'm sensitive to soy though, so this part is not vegan friendly, lots of dairy ahead and such...



Basically just some helpful ideas how to fight hunger, certain food prep, ingredient processing.